Acoustic and Electric Duo Wedding Band

There are plenty of options out there when it comes to booking a Melbourne wedding band for your big day. Maybe your wedding is going to be big, hundreds of guests, a spectacular venue with no expenses spared. You want the music to match the grandeur so you decide to book a large ten-piece super group. Alternatively, maybe your wedding is far more low-key, held at a small venue on a Sunday afternoon for example. So, you feel a duo simply playing acoustic guitars and singing some mellow tunes would be far more appropriate. But what if neither of those options suit your needs? What if you are looking for something in between, or perhaps you’re looking for elements of both! If that’s you then the “Acoustic & Electric Duo Wedding Band” may just be the option you’re after.

What exactly is the “Acoustic & Electric Duo with Backing Tracks”?

In short, the Brightside Acoustic & Electric duo is both an acoustic duo AND a full 4-5 piece rock band all in one! But wait, I hear you ask, how can a ‘duo’ be an entire band??  Well that’s where the backing tracks come in.


A video of us performing Footloose with our Electric Duo package

What are “backing tracks”?

Backing tracks are essentially pre-recorded instruments (such as drums, bass guitar, keyboards, horns etc) that we play along with. Our own vocals and guitars are live but the rest of the ‘band’ lives inside our iPad. The combined sound is of such high and professional quality that if you were to close your eyes you would swear that you were listening to an entire live band.

What makes your backing tracks so good?

Other solo/duos/groups often buy pre-made backing tracks from websites that sell them for a few dollars each. Some of these can sound okay, but a lot of them have a tinny “karaoke bar” sound. Our approach is totally different – we make every backing track from scratch ourselves. Fortunately, we both have a couple of decades of composing and audio production experience. Our experience combined with state-of-the-art recording software and equipment ensure every backing track is crafted to sound its absolute best. It really is nearly impossible to tell the difference between our tracks and a live rhythm section.

acoustic and electric duo wedding band

So, if it sounds just like a real band then why not just hire a real band?

Great question! By all means, if you have your heart set on a full band with live drums, horn section, the works, then I encourage you to hire one. We offer a four/five-piece band package and it is awesome! However, there are many benefits that the Electric & Acoustic Duo Wedding Band package can offer:

  • Price: Simply put, hiring 2 people instead of 4+ is going to be cheaper.  And it’s not just the number of people you are paying for either. A large band usually requires more equipment, which in turn means they will need more time to set up and pack up. All of this gets factored into the overall fee.
  • Space: Following on from the previous point regarding equipment, A duo requires less gear than a full band. There are no drums, no keyboards, fewer microphones, fewer fold back speakers, fewer cables etc. So, if the venue you booked is a little short on space then there is a much better chance the duo will be able to fit.
  • Time: As mentioned, a band will take longer to set up and pack up. The logistics of a wedding day can be pretty hectic so a wedding band that can take up less space and set up quickly and efficiently can save a lot of headaches for the venue as well as the happy (stressed) couple
  • Volume: When half the band lives inside the iPad it is much easier to control volume. Big bands can be very loud with little room to move when it comes to noise. With the Acoustic & Electric Duo we can go from background music volume to stadium concert volume and everything in between. It can be easily adjusted to suit your needs.

That all sounds great but where does the “acoustic duo” fit into all of this?

The beauty of the Acoustic and Electric Duo is we are able to offer a dynamic variety of music throughout the reception. Generally during the first half or so of the evening people are mingling and chatting as well as eating their meals. Throughout this period, it’s not appropriate to blast out dance floor party anthems so we tend to start of with a couple of sets as an acoustic duo. Just acoustic guitars and vocals.  It sets up a great atmosphere, with great music without being too overpowering allowing everyone to enjoy each other’s company.

Once the formalities are over though (and usually after everyone has had a drink or two) it’s party time. That’s when we replace the acoustic guitars with electric ones, put on the backing tracks and turn up the volume!

Here’s an example of how a reception might run if you book the Acoustic & Electric Duo:

  • Set 1: Acoustic Duo set
  • Set 2: Acoustic Duo set
  • Set 3: Electric Duo Party set 
  • Set 4: Electric Duo Party set 


The Acoustic & Electric Duo with Backing Tracks can be a great option for your wedding band if you are looking for a variety of music ranging from mellow to dance floor fillers. Pricing is very competitive, and you have far less to worry about if your venue is on the smaller side. In many ways the Acoustic & Electric Duo Wedding Band can offer you as much if not more than a regular acoustic duo and regular full band combined!

We hope you have enjoyed this post. Please get in touch with us if you would like to know more!

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