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FAQ for Melbourne Weddings and Events

Of course! We are happy to learn songs for your event. For example this may be a special song for your wedding dance or just a personal favourite. Alternatively if you would rather have the original mp3 of a song played (eg for your wedding dance) we can easily play it through our PA system for you.

Every event is different and the price will vary depending on the requirements. To get a detailed quote please send us an email or give us a call and provide as many details of your event as possible including:

  • type of event (wedding, corporate event, birthday party etc)
  • Date
  • Location
  • number of people attending
  • Start/finish times
  • Any additional info (multiple set up locations for example)

No you don’t. Feel free however to select a couple of definitely DO and definitely DON’T play songs if there are tunes on our list that you really like/dislike. It actually works better if you aren’t too prescriptive with the list though and give us some freedom to roll with the punches. We have played literally hundreds of weddings and events and use our experience to select appropriate songs. And of course if you want to leave it completely up to us that’s great too!

Simply send us an email with the details of your event and, if we are available on the date, we will send you a detailed quote!

Yes we can. But there are limitations. We CANNOT set up the electric duo (with backing tracks) or the full 4/5 piece band in multiple locations – only the acoustic duo. So, for example, at a wedding if you are having drinks and canapes outside at the beginning of the reception we can set up and perform as an acoustic duo and then move inside to perform as the electric duo (with backing tracks). It is also important that you let us know you are interested in us playing in two locations when you get a quote as it will incur an additional fee.

This will vary depending on the length and nature of the event. For example a usual wedding reception will last for approx 5-6 hours. In that time we would play 3 to 4 sets of music (each lasting about 45 mins). This allows time for other formalities to occur such as speeches, cake cutting, introductions etc. In between sets while there are no formalities happening we play mp3 music through our PA system. If you would prefer to use your own mp3 player with music you have chosen we can easily plug it into the PA, it’s up to you.

We understand that not everyone can make it to one of our live shows so please check out our Audio & Video page where you will find an array of performances by Brightside giving you an indication of what we sound like live. The whole idea of this website is to give you an idea of what to expect if you book us. Hopefully it has been successful in doing so! 

Leading up to the event, particularly weddings, we will require the following:

  • A running sheet for the day (including things like start finish times, when meals will be served, timing of speeches, any other formalities)
  • Additional songs required by the band to be played on mp3 through the PA system
  • A meal! – Yes, the band needs to eat too so a provided meal is greatly appreciated
  • As much detailed information about your event as possible – Even if you think it is a small detail regarding what you require of us.

No! The stage/performance area is usually quite dark and full of (expensive and often fragile) speakers, leads, guitars, electronic equipment etc. Not only is there a high risk of equipment being damaged butthere is also the risk of personal injury if a guest was to trip over any equipment or cables that are set up.

Well, technically yes we can….but no one will hear us! Even if you have a small event with not many people attending, unless you are within a few feet of the band you will most likely not hear a single note.

Not at all! We will provide all PA equipment including PA and lighting. We even provide a wireless roaming microphone that you are welcome to use for speeches and announcements. All we will require is shelter and access to power.

Please be aware that if you want to continue having music after the band is scheduled to finish you will need to provide you own stereo/PA with your own music to play through it. An example of when this might occur is for a birthday party. You may have booked Brightside to play until 11pm but the party continues til the sun comes up!

All deposits are non refundable. However, we do understand that cancellations are rarely intentional so if we are given enough notice and are able to get another booking on the date of your cancelled event then we are happy to refund your deposit.

Not at all. We are very flexible and can easily plan our sets of music to fit in with speeches and meals regardless of when they occur. We often play light acoustic sets or background music over meals.

Most likely yes it is. But it is essential you provide us the details, prior to the event, of what you need to plug in and your requirement so that we have the appropriate cables for connection or to avoid disappointment on the day if what you require is not possible. For example, we cannot play CDs, audio tapes, or USBs

If you would like us to play at your property we have some important requirements:

  • Access to power
  • Shelter for us and all our equipment. This is very important and it is regardless of weather. All our equipment is very sensitive to the elements so, rain or shine, we require adequate cover.

Power and shelter must be provided and accessible prior to our arrival. For example if the power point(s) are a significant distance from the performance area then extension leads must be provided by you.

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