Should You Hire an Acoustic Duo For Your Event in Melbourne?

When searching for music for your special event one of the first questions you will probably ask yourself is “should I get a full band, a DJ or an acoustic duo?” While all these options can be fantastic choices here are some points to consider and possible advantages to going with the acoustic duo.

We are a Melbourne based acoustic duo for hire. We very often recommend our Acoustic Duo package for corporate events, birthday parties, day time weddings, and regular gigs at pubs & venues. And when we play larger events with our Electric and Acoustic Duo package or Full Band, we nearly always play at least one set of acoustic music.


This is a pretty obvious one. It’s always going to be cheaper to book 2 people rather than 4, 5 or more. 


An acoustic duo is great if you are looking for mellow background music that is loud enough for everyone to enjoy but quiet enough so people can mingle and chat without having to yell at each other.  This is may not be possible with a full band as a drum kit tends to have only one volume – loud!

Don’t under estimate the energy of those acoustic guitars though. By simply cranking up the volume and performing some upbeat anthems a duo can quickly transform your event into an awesome party with everyone on the dance floor.  

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the diverse range of music and atmosphere an experienced acoustic duo can provide. We have played events with over 200 guests in attendance, which start out very mellow and end up as massive parties with everyone on the dance floor. With just our acoustic guitars!


Having only two performers an acoustic duo generally doesn’t require much room to set up and can fit in most spaces whether it be a full-sized stage or the cramped corner of a café.  Therefore, when booking a venue, you generally won’t need to worry too much about the musicians having enough room like you would with a full-sized band.

It not just the number of musicians to consider either.  A full band also tends to require a lot more equipment than an acoustic duo, which in turn means they require even more space and a lot more times to set up and pack up. 

All in all, there are less logistical challenges to face with an acoustic duo meaning less stress for you and the venue staff and more time to enjoy your event and the music.


A full band, or Electric and Acoustic Duo is a great choice for a big event and I would certainly recommend these options if you have the space, budget, and volume isn’t and issue. But for a lot of events an acoustic duo may just be what you’re looking for! You can check out many videos of us performing as an acoustic duo here on our video and audio page.

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