Melbourne Wedding Band Prices 2018

After a long search, and hours of googling you’ve finally found a great band to play at your wedding! That’s great. Now the next question usually is, how much will it cost? The answer to the question is (as any good wedding band will tell you) – The price of your wedding band depends on a lot of factors. The main ones being:

  1. The date of your wedding
  2. The location/venue of the wedding
  3. How many guests will be attending
  4. How many musicians there are in the band
  5. How many services & set-ups you require

With this in mind it is important that you let your band know all of the above when you make contact with them. Read on for a more detailed explanation of each factor listed above.

We have also included a very rough guide to 2018 Melbourne wedding band prices at the end of this post.

1. Date of wedding

This is probably the most important factor in determining your band’s price (it is for us). It will come as no surprise to you that most people want to get married in peak wedding season (Feb to May, and October to early December). And during this time peak season we charge more as the demand for our services is higher. On a very popular date, let’s say the middle Saturday of March or November, a good wedding band in Melbourne (like us) will receive up to 10 enquiries for the one date. So naturally during times of high demand our prices are higher. This will be the same for all wedding suppliers. 

If you are working on a tight budget we strongly suggest holding your event either on a weekday during peak season, or in winter. We charge less for weekday weddings, and we also charge less for weddings held in Winter. This applies industry wide, with most wedding venues and other suppliers offering big discounts in off peak times. We have played some absolutely awesome weddings in winter and think there should be more of them! It’s a win win situation – You are far more likely to get the venue and suppliers you want, and you will save money. Plus your suppliers will love you for filling up their calendar in an otherwise quiet period. 


2. The location/venue of the wedding

This one is pretty simple, if your band needs to travel a long distance to play at your wedding then they will charge you more. If your event is 2 hours travelling time away from Melbourne, or wherever the band is based, then keep in mind that you may also need to pay for the band’s accommodation. Most bands will assess this on a case by case basis. For example, if they have a gig early the next day they might opt to drive back home after the event.

wedding band prices 2018 travel
If your wedding is in a remote location you should expect to pay more

Weddings in the inner city with difficult access and/or paid parking will also mean that your wedding band will charge slightly more. When we say difficult access, we’re not just being fussy. Loading in and out of Crown Casino for example can add up to 3 hours or more to you band’s day. Plus band members very often need to complete online supplier training and must pay for parking. 

If you are holding your wedding on a private property you need to factor in the price of supplying shelter for your band. Musical equipment is not waterproof, nor can it be exposed to full sunlight, or dew. So you will need to provide your band with waterproof and safe shelter – this is NOT the responsibility of the band.

3. Number of wedding guests

The number of guests you have will determine how much equipment your band needs to bring and the price they will charge. A simple lunch time wedding with 20-30 guest requires a lot less PA and lighting equipment than a 200 guest wedding held at night. For some really big events your band may have to rent extra equipment and this obviously adds an extra cost.

Melbourne wedding band prices 2018
A very large wedding might mean your band will need to bring extra equipment

3. How many musicians there are in the band

The good news about having your wedding in Melbourne is that there are a lot of great musicians available, due to Melbourne’s great live music culture. The flip side to this is that most good wedding musicians in Melbourne are not doing it as a hobby, they are getting paid for their skills and the more of them there are in a band, the more it will cost! Every band will charge more for a four piece band package than a duo package (us included). Luckily for us we are able to provide a full band sound with just the two of us, so we can offer a full band experience for a lower price.

How many services and set-ups you require

Wedding band prices will also be determined by how long you require the band. Do you want your band for the whole event, including ceremony, canapés, and reception? Or just the reception? Would you like to add the MC service? Most bands (including Brightside Duo) will offer an MC service.  

Another important point to consider is how many different set-ups will be required on the day. If you need the band to set up in multiple locations then it will more than likely cost you more, as the band will need to bring extra equipment and arrive earlier. Brightside Duo has enough equipment for multiple set-ups – you just need to make sure you let us know before the day of your event if you need us to set up in different places.


in conclusion, here is a very rough guide to wedding reception pricing for wedding packages available in Melbourne. We emphasise that these figures are from our own experience and research and should be used as a VERY ROUGH GUIDE only. They are not a quote for our services. Every band or DJ will set their own prices, and of course, as outlined in this post, how much you end up paying will depend on many factors. Some acts we know will charge double what we have listed below – and they receive no complaints. Because the bride and groom value so highly what they have added to their special day.

It is also worth noting that not all wedding bands are created equal – There are some very good bands out there (we think we’re one of them :)) and there are some bands which aren’t quite so good. And, as in the rest of life, the better acts will have more demand for their services and can command more money. Crazy how that works hey? Our advice is to do your research online, read reviews, take recommendations and have a chat with the band. It’s amazing how revealing a 5 minute chat with a potential supplier can be!

Without further ado, here is the Melbourne wedding band price guide for 2018

  • DJ – from $900
  • Solo singer/guitarist – From $1000
  • Acoustic Duo – From $1300
  • Acoustic & Electric Duo (backing tracks) – from $1700
  • Trio – from $1800
  • Four piece band – from $2500
  • Five piece band – from $2750

We hope you enjoyed this post and please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!

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