Wedding Photographer Recommendations

One of the cool parts of being in a wedding band is that every weekend you get to meet some very talented people, who just happen to be wedding suppliers. In this post we are featuring the work of a couple of our favourite photographers. And seeing as we are a wedding band, we’ve also asked them a couple of questions about how the music at a wedding affects their job.

Journey By Light Photography -Macedon Ranges

For over 5 years Journey By Light Photography have been capturing the love, moments and memories for brides and grooms throughout the Macedon Ranges, Hepburn Shire, Melbourne and beyond. It’s what husband and wife team, Adam & Pam do best.
They understand that as your wedding photographers, you are trusting them to do the same for you too and will go out of their way to exceed your expectations in every way.
The honesty, emotion, love, laughter and tears, and those fleeting moments which are gone in the blink of an eye will be captured forever, timeless images that in years to come will evoke the joy and emotion you both felt that day!
Adam & Pam are there to help guide you through the planning of your wedding, from the day you first make your initial enquiry, right through to the moment they leave you as newly weds, and they look forward to do the same for you too!

Q. How does the music at a wedding affect what you do?

A. No wedding is complete without music. It’s a universal language which can be very powerful, especially when you put it in the mix with the emotion, nerves, joy and happiness of a wedding. So as wedding photographers, we’re always looking for those elements and music certainly influences those moments and helps to bring out the love in everyone!

Q. Does having live music at an event make shooting weddings easier?

A. Absolutely! We both have a love of music (Adam Is a musician himself!). We hear a beat and we’ll get our feet tapping! It actually helps us to concentrate more on what is happening around us, and we can sometimes anticipate when a moment worth capturing is about to happen based entirely on the music playing. DJ’s are okay, but there is nothing like live musicians entertaining the wedding guests. There is an organic connection between the two and the reactions on peoples faces, when they are up dancing, are far more animated than compared to a DJ playing thieir MP3’s. We’ve got the proof in our photo’s! So we wouldn’t say it makes shooting weddings easier, but live music certainly creates many more opportunities for us to capture the days moments!


Jessica Prince Photography – Mornington Region

We have worked with Jessica many times and not only is she a joy to work with, but her work is of the highest quality. 

Jessica began shooting weddings in 2016 but has been taking photographs since she was 15 after learning the darkroom process in secondary school. She became drawn to weddings after completing her Bachelors in photography as she saw it as an opportunity to photograph not just a day, but a couples story. Her work captures the raw and quiet moments amongst the loud laughter and tears of joy in an artistic style that is a fusion of candid and intimate moments. 

She explains her passion for wedding photography best in her own words:

“To be able to capture the love in someones eyes is my driving force and the reason why I do this, it is what makes my heart beat the hardest. I love seeing how people love and share their lives together. When I photograph a wedding, I want to capture that real love, the perfectly imperfect.

Q. How does the music at a wedding affect what you do?

A. When I think of each wedding I’ve photographed, the ones that stand out the most are the couples that choose to have live music. It gets the guests up on the dance floor and gives me the opportunity to photograph everyone’s crazy dance moves!  It helps to create a vibe like no other and a busy dance floor looks the best in photographs.

Q. Does having live music at an event make shooting weddings easier?

A. Yes, definitely!  When I photographed alongside Brightside Duo, the floor was packed and every time I turned around there was something new and exciting happening because live music creates an amazing sense of atmosphere and celebration. People are more relaxed and ready to party on into the night so it makes photography easier when everyone is involved and enjoying the wedding.


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